ENR Scholarship Fund

Why I Started the Egrets Not Regrets Scholarship Fund

The escalating costs of college tuition are alarming, especially when coupled with budget cuts at these same colleges and universities. While the economy is poor and belts are tightening everywhere, it saddens me to realize that otherwise qualified students are unable to obtain the degree they desire simply because they cannot afford rising tuition costs. I benefited from an "affordable," quality education and I think others should too.

So I basically had two choices: sit and stew about it, or try and do something. I opted for the latter.

As I equally love Long Beach and have environmental leanings, I approached the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), Environmental Science & Policy (ES&P) Department to see what, if anything, could be done.

And so born is the Egrets Not Regrets Scholarship Fund!

Details About the Egrets Not Regrets Scholarship Fund
The Fund, managed and maintained entirely by CSULB, allows the university to award their outstanding ES&P students with scholarships for their combined commitment to community service and scholarly achievement in the environmental field. Once the Fund accumulates a base of $25,000 (yikes!), a partial tuition scholarship will be awarded annually to a senior student with a GPA greater than 3.0. The selected student will also have demonstrated a commitment to volunteering and/or some sort of community involvement.

And how will the Egrets Not Regrets Scholarship Fund be funded, you ask? Well. I'm going to raise the money by (herein) soliciting donations. There will, most definitely, be fundraiser events on the horizon.

It's daunting, and likely tiring, but again, the alternative is sitting and stewing about the declining state of education in California. My goal, with your help, is to support a student's education.

Additional information can be found on the CSULB, ES&P website by clicking HERE.

How You Can Help

Donations (which are tax deductible!) can be made as follows:

Donate directly by clicking here (you will be automatically redirected to CSULB and can donate online).


Please make checks payable to: CSULB Foundation
Under Memo: Acct #09516800 - ES&P Scholarship

Mail checks to:

California State University, Long Beach Foundation
6300 State University Drive, Suite #332
Long Beach, CA 90815
Attention: Gift Processing

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Special Thanks

I would also like to thank Dr. Paul Laris, Director of the ES&P Department for his assistance (and patience) throughout this process. Without his help, this would not have been possible.