January 31, 2012

A new year! A new SEADIP?

Much to my delight, there is an item on the February 7 City Council agenda which pertains to a comprehensive SEADIP update. As indicated in the City-provided memo, “The SEADIP update should proceed immediately, according to an aggressive timeline that ensures maximum input from community and environmental groups, landowners and the general public. Also input from the California Coastal Commission should be sought throughout the process.”

This is good news.

Updating SEADIP is so very, very important. We need to be taking a big picture look at potential solutions to the traffic problems through the area. By alleviating some of the traffic impacts, we can plan for parcel redevelopment that fosters sensible growth and doesn’t just exacerbate an already bad traffic situation. Further, we can plan to develop the area in a way that compliments, not compromises, eventual wetlands restoration.

These are all good things, right? I think so, anyway.

I also think this is a prime opportunity for landowners and environmentalists to work together and see this through to completion…..much like how SEADIP was created some 30-odd years ago. It was a stakeholder driven process then and it should be a stakeholder driven process now.

In this vein and in the effort of full disclosure, I will share that I was aware that this exercise was “in the works,” as I was contacted by Lyon Communities subsequent to City Council rejection of the Second + PCH Project late last year. We had ongoing, and productive, discussions about the importance of moving forward with a comprehensive master plan for the area, and the general steps that should be taken to get this accomplished. I shared with them my concerns of a subverted public process at the expense of a hurried product, at the same time being acutely aware that this needs to be done expediently.

As with everything, the devil will be in the details….details we will see once this process begins. And begin it must. That’s why I’m very supportive of initiating this exercise. Beginning the SEADIP revision process is vital.

If you agree with me that updating SEADIP is a crucial exercise that must commence immediately, please attend the February 7 City Council meeting and voice your support for Agenda Item 16. Links to the agenda item and location details follow:

The memo accompanying the agenda item can be found here. The City Council meeting will be held in Council chambers (333 W. Ocean, Long Beach), beginning at 5 p.m.

Can't make it to the meeting but want to offer support anyway? Email or call your Councilmember!