October 4, 2011

Second + PCH Final EIR Recommends Approval of Alternative 4

Page RTC-7 of the Second + PCH Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) states that, "City staff are recommending approval of Alternative 4 (Reduced Intensity Alternative B), which would limit onsite building height to 6 stories."

Project components of this alternative are as follows (RDEIR p.V-4):
  • 215 Residential Units (a 33% reduction)
  • 125,000 s.f. Commercial/Retail (a 35% reduction)
  • 100 room hotel (same as proposed action)
  • 4,368 s.f. hotel restaurant (same as proposed action)
  • 20,000 s.f. restaurant (1,092 s.f. less than proposed action)
  • 4,175 s.f. science center (same as proposed action)
  • 3,510 s.f. meeting space (same as proposed action)
  • no theater (the proposed action included a 99-seat theater)
  • 219,134 s.f. open space (same as proposed action, Note: this number is inflated as it includes "open space" that should not be counted under SEADIP)
  • 82 feet maximum height* (a 68 ft. reduction from proposed action)
The asterisk (*) after the height bullet point above was provided because, in the FEIR (p. RTC-34), City Staff included the following information regarding their recommended building height  (clicking on the image will open it in a larger window):

It should be noted that Planning Staff has not released the Planning Commission staff report. This information is expected to be available on Friday, October 7. The Second + PCH Project will be heard by the Planning Commission on Wednesday, October 12 in Council Chambers.