May 8, 2011

Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority Meeting This Week

At the December 9, 2010 meeting of the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (LCWA), the governing board unanimously voted to award AECOM a contract to conduct a jurisdictional wetlands delineation of the Marketplace Marsh parcel. This approximately 33 acre parcel, located at the southeast corner of Second St and Shopkeeper Road in Long Beach, was "swapped" to the City of Long Beach from private ownership in exchange for approximately 11 acres of a then-City owned Public Service Yard. 

AECOM has finished the work and prepared a Jurisdictional Delineation Report (JDR), and at the upcoming May 11 LCWA meeting (details below), the voting board will be taking action to accept the JDR and its findings. 

So just how much of that 33 acre Marketplace Marsh parcel is delineated as wetlands? Though you can download the whole LCWA board report here (pages 31-34 of the 74 page report), I'll just jump straight to the punch line: 21.80 acres of potential jurisdictional waters (wetlands) of the U.S. and State have been formally delineated at the Marketplace Marsh.

This information will be used to help the LCWA in identifying funds to acquire the Marketplace Marsh from the City of Long Beach. The JDR will also help with the development of the conceptual restoration plan.

And speaking of the conceptual restoration plan….at the aforementioned December 9 LCWA meeting, the LCWA board also voted to authorize the hiring of a consultant or consultant team to develop a Site Restoration and Recreational Improvements Conceptual Plan for 200 acres of the Los Cerritos Wetlands Complex.  

In February 2011, a Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued and three firms – Moffat & Nichol, AECOM and Psomas – bid to conduct the work. Of the three proposals, Moffat & Nichol was ranked as having the strongest proposal, with AECOM second and Psomas, third.  

At the upcoming LCWA meeting, the board will vote to execute a contract with Moffat & Nichol to conduct the work. Congrats and good luck to Moffat & Nichol!

Details of the LCWA meeting follow:
Wednesday, May 11 @ 3:15 
Long Beach Yacht Club, 6201 Appian Way