February 2, 2011

The Gifted Vine Wine Company

Okay, it's no secret that I think local graphic artist, Stephanie Mallon, is equally creative and talented....she is the one who came up with this very clever blog name and penned the fantastic egret sketches I continually use to adorn this blog! So clearly she's got skills.

Well. Stephanie has a new venture: The Gifted Vine Wine Company!

Steph has partnered with Harbinger Wine (super yummy, ultra-premium, hand-crafted Washington state wines). Harbinger creates the wine and she creates the labels.

And the cool thing about it is, the labels are you-specific! Want to wish someone a happy birthday? There's a label for that! Valentines Day? Happy Holidays? Thank you? Labels! Labels! Labels! She does custom orders too - just ask.

Anyway, check it out...it's worth a peek: www.giftedvine.com