December 18, 2010 is on hiatus. The site's publisher has always been very supportive of Egrets Not Regrets and I wish him all the best. I hope this hiatus is temporary.

From the LBReport homepage:

Earlier today, after over ten years of continuous publishing (with pauses only for a death in the family and religious holidays),'s publisher has chosen to take a short hiatus.

The precipitating event came suddenly and was unplanned: we found ourselves unable to attend an awards ceremony at which our daughter received an award for academic excellence at her school...because we had to get across town to cover a news event.

Although that was the precipitating incident (and we got that story with video, although we haven't run it), the truth is that a number of factors prompted this hiatus.

One of them, known previously only to our closest friends, was an unpleasant afternoon a few months ago in the emergency room at a local hospital attached to heart monitors and discharged with advice we followed in part and disregarded in part.

Part of the disregarded advice was to slow down. We don't know how to do that. At the same time, we're no longer willing to disregard that advice.

There are other factors as well. We'll discuss them with you in the coming days.

For those who wish us ill: we're not going away.

For those who hope we'll be stronger than before: stay tuned.