May 1, 2010

Second + PCH Has a Plan, E-I-R-I-O (part one)

As you all are likely aware, the Second + PCH Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is out for public comment. I'm just starting to pick my way through it and I'm finding it, well, rather befuddling.

For Dave Wielenga's Redistricted!, I have agreed to take his readers through the more confounding parts of the analysis in a periodic feature he is calling "E-I-R-I-O." The first dilemma: How high is the Second + PCH 12 story building? Enjoy.

Second dilemma: How do I get the "Old McDonald Had A Farm" song out of my head?

In any event, stay tuned for the next "E-I-R-I-O" over at Redistricted!