May 27, 2010

CCC Issues Staff Report for Hitchcock Item

The California Coastal Commission just released the staff report for the upcoming hearing regarding the whole Sean Hitchcock illegal land scraping. The summary of staff's recommendation follows:

On March 10, 2010, the Commission determined that a substantial issue exists with respect to the grounds of the appeals because: a) the certified LCP designates the bay-fronting site for restoration as a brackish pond, b) the certified LCP requires that open space and natural habitat areas be preserved and that the waters of Alamitos Bay be protected from runoff, and c) the absence of a detailed and enforceable habitat protection and restoration plan could adversely affect wildlife, wetlands, and the quality of adjacent tidal waters.

Staff is recommending APPROVAL of the coastal development permit with special conditions. The recommended special conditions of the permit, address restoration and re-vegetation of the previously graded area of the site subject to the landfill cap with native plants appropriate to the location; timing of the re-vegetation; monitoring and future maintenance of the site; and protection of water quality and marine resources.

The staff report can be found here (and is item 9a on the Friday, June 11 agenda). The "special conditions" begin on page 3 of the compiled PDF.