January 12, 2010

Notice of Final Action Sent to Coastal Commission

The City of Long Beach has sent to the California Coastal Commission a revised Notice of Final Action for application 0904-15 (in English, the Hitchcock illegal earthwork matter).

Below are the pages I received (pages 2 and 6 were blank pages in the file, and I took the liberty of removing those and not posting them):

Clicking on each of the images will open them up in a larger window and they should be legible.

page 1

page 3

page 4

page 5

Apologies for posting the pages as individual jpg files. I am certain that there is a way for me to attach PDF documents (I've seen Councilwoman Schipske do it on her blog!). But I am not equally savvy....so individual jpgs it is!

What this all means, and how to appeal, will be the subject of subsequent posts.