December 30, 2009

Tank Farm Project Update, Part Deux

The following information was contained in a City Distributed Press Release regarding the Tank Removal Project:

Development Services commissioned a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for a project consisting of demolition of five existing storage tanks, and a subsequent use consisting of storage of inoperable vehicles located at 400 Studebaker. After consulting with the City Attorney, along with consideration of concerns expressed by community members, we determined that the MND did not adequately describe nor analyze the vehicle storage use. Therefore, we have placed the project on hold (there will be no hearing on January 7, 2010), and requested a more thorough description of the proposed vehicle storage use. We will add this description and additional analysis to the MND document and recirculate it for a new 30 day review. We anticipate that the new document will be released in January.