November 16, 2009

Second and PCH Community Meeting Format

I have spoken with City staff about the format for tonight's Second and PCH community meeting. Following is a summary of what should transpire this evening:

The meeting will begin with introductions.

The developers will make a presentation about the proposed project.

Following the developer presentation, there will be "breakout sessions" facilitated by city staff. These are essentially small groups wherein each group will have a chance to voice what they like about the project (and why) and/or what they don't like about the project (and why). These small groups will not be arranged by "topic." By that, there will not be a focus group to discuss traffic and another to discuss density, etc. It is the responsibility of the facilitator to take notes.

After the small group portion of the evening concludes, it is the responsibility of the facilitators to report the results to the larger audience.