October 8, 2009

Hitchcock Hearing - Monday, October 12, 2 p.m.

Hitchcock's illegal scraping business is being heard at zoning on Monday, Oct 12 @ 2pm. The action on which a decision is necessary is explained here. This post will deal with "process."

At Monday's hearing, the zoning administrator (Derek Burnham) can do one of several things:
  1. "approve" the permit outright without conditions,
  2. "approve" the permit and add conditions,
  3. delay the matter until a future hearing, or
  4. "deny" the permit altogether.
Should you choose to attend, you can "testify" and make recommendations as to the desired course of action.

If one doesn't like the decision made by Derek Burnham, they can file an appeal. Doing so would kick the matter up and be heard at the Planning Commission.

If one doesn't like the decision made by the Planning Commission, they can file an appeal to the California Coastal Commission. (I have been made aware that in order to appeal to the Coastal Commission, you need to have "standing" by being an appellant previously in the process.)

As this whole process started at zoning, City Council is bypassed; had this started at Planning Commission, an appeal would have landed at Council.

So if you have an opinion on the matter, show up at City Hall on Monday, October 12 @ 2 p.m.