September 18, 2009

How fun!

Well last night went swimmingly. In fact, the most common line I heard was "this was fun, when's the next one."

We guesstimated that about 75 people came and went throughout the course of the evening. Friends of Colorado Lagoon walked away with $150 "just for showing up," as Taylor Parker said when I handed him the money.

Though I mentioned this last night, there are several people who helped make the Extravaganza a success:
  • Alicia and Jennifer (Gaslamp owners);
  • Stephanie (uber-creative person and wine lady);
  • Lisa, Beth, Joyce and Adrea (sounding board extraordinaire and penultimate proofreaders)
  • Attending enviro organizations (FOCL; Compassionate Cuisine; LCWLT, Sierra Club, Eco-Link; City of Long Beach, Office of Sustainability; and El Dorado Audubon);
  • Bill Pearl of and Dave Wielenga/the folks at The District Weekly for their mention of the event;
  • Leslie Heuer for posting on Facebook (see "Save Los Cerritos Wetlands" group); and
  • Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham for tweeting (@StudioKiSun).
Would also like to thank Joe Segura (Press Telegram) and Jennifer Stockdale and Bill Childs (The District Weekly) for attending. Also like to thank 4th District Councilmember Patrick O'Donnell who popped in.

Given the success of last night's event, pretty easy to make the case that there should be another Extravaganza. I'll get on it. But in the meantime, it looks like I'll have to get back to the business of making my "regular" enviro posts.

Thanks again to all who attended. Team Egret is very pleased.