September 2, 2009

Extravaganza Wines

In vino wine there is truth, or so the proverb goes.

As has been touted, there will be an organized wine tasting at the first ever Egrets Not Regrets Extravaganza. Twenty-two bucks will get you 6 tastings of Washington's own Harbinger Wine.

The tasting line-up is (drumroll).....
  • Dynamo White
  • Rose de Mouvedre
  • Dynamo Red
  • A Point Red Cuvee
  • El Jefe Red Table Wine
  • Blackberry Bliss
I've decided to "take one for the team" and taste some of the wines beforehand. What can I say, I'm a giver.

My official tasting notes for the 3 that I tasted are as follows: in a word, YUM (even the white, and white wines aren't really my thing). Since I doubt, however, that my review was helpful, the "official" winery tasting notes for the above wines can be found here.

I'm not the only one who fancies Harbinger, either. The wine editor of Sunset Magazine in an article entitled, "The West at its Best: 20 Coastal Discoveries" (September 2009) gave Harbinger a nod, stating the winery as her favorite in the up-and-coming Olympia Peninsula wine area.

And it's not just tasty but goes towards a good cause as well. Five dollars from every tasting will be "set aside" and put in a cash pot. At the end of the evening, I'll draw the name of one participating organization at random. That organization will be the recipient of the cash pot.

So if you ever needed an excuse to drink wine on a Thursday, this is it! It's a fundraiser as well.