August 25, 2009

Egrets Not Regrets Extravaganza!

Do you want to volunteer but don't know how to get involved? Do you want to learn more about local environmental organizations? Do you want to taste some great Washington wine? Are you looking to have a good time?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then mosey on over to the Gaslamp Restaurant and Bar (6251 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach) on Thursday, September 17, from 6- 8 p.m. for the first ever Egrets Not Regrets Extravaganza.

What, you ask, is the Egrets Not Regrets Extravaganza? It's simple, really. The Extravaganza is essentially an environmental education and volunteer fair. Every local environmental organization is herein invited and will be provided its own table to display its information, educate the public, solicit volunteers, put out a donation bin, etc.

The goal is to provide a forum where like-minded environmental folks can meet, learn and (perhaps most importantly), have fun! Team Egret likes it best that way because all work and no play…well you know the story.

And like every good fair, there will be good food and drink! For those so inclined, there will be a wine tasting running concurrently wherein twenty-two bucks will get you six glorious tastings of Harbinger Wine. If wine just isn't your thing, belly up to the bar and order your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. The Gaslamp also offers a full dinner menu.

For one lucky organization, it's a fundraiser too! Five dollars from each wine tasting will be "set aside" and put in a cash pot. At the end of the evening, I'll draw the name of one participating organization at random. That organization will be the recipient of the cash pot. The more people tasting, the bigger the cash pot!

The Egrets Not Regrets Extravaganza is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. This really will be a great way to learn about the local environmental organizations and explore that different volunteering opportunities exist, so be sure to spread the word…

If you are a local environmental organization and wish to participate in this fabulous affair, please send an email to: and information will be emailed to you subsequently. Reservations for organizations are mandatory.

The first confirmed attendees are: Friends of the Colorado Lagoon, Compassionate Cuisine and the Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust. Team Egret suspects that many other environmental organizations will follow suit.

In any event, check back often for updates!